Developing competences in working with Oracle products

Over a year has passed since EBS Partners AG, a member of the AsstrA AG holding, acquired the status of the Oracle Gold Partner. During all that time, the company continued to develop the competences in the field of deployment and support of the software products provided by the worldwide software development leader.

In this regard, one of the important areas is the various educational programs and training modules for the employees, organized within the framework of Oracle’s global activities in various countries around the world.In particular, in late September, Yelena Deletz, the specialist of the logistics consulting company EBS Partners AG, received the certificate having completed the 5-day training course “OTM 6.2 Functional Implementation Boot Camp”.

The event was held in Istanbul (Turkey) and was attended by practicing consultants from around the world. The leader of the training course, Yeroen Meyer, the OTM Application Consultant, Logistic Consulting, presented the possibility of a new modification of the solutions for optimization of transportation operations – OTM v.6.2.2. Besides, the participants had the opportunity to improve their skills in solving various problems which arise both during the deployment and during the operation of OTM, as well as to share their successful experience in the use of the OMT functionality.

Having completed the course, Yelena Deletz said: “I believe that the goal of training was fully achieved. I have managed both to systematize the existing knowledge and to learn a lot of new things. All this will help increase the speed and quality of the implementation of the new projects and deployment of OTM for the clients of EBS Partners AG”.

Another development training area, which is actively practiced by the partners of Oracle, is training at the online portal: The specialists of EBS Partners AG have successfully completed several courses, including “OTM Sale Specialist” and “OTM Presale Specialist”.

EBS Partners AG intends to continue to work actively and to improve the professionalism that will boost the competence of the staff, engaged in upgrading and deployment of Oracle’s products.

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