OTM Hosting

OTM Hosting – description

You can have simply hosting, but the right hosting, as a service, is when the support plays the major role in the process. This is possible if it is specialized hosting. The services which simply provide a platform for any scripts will hardly provide strong support – it is quite difficult to understand all the subtleties and nuances and to choose the appropriate settings at once. We focus only on the OTM systems – the best solution for the transport operations management.

Our servers are located in a modern data center equipped with everything necessary for nonstop 24/7 operation. The engineering infrastructure includes the precision air conditioning maintaining the temperature and humidity within the specified parameters. The uninterruptible power supply ensures the autonomous operation of the data center in case of power cutoff and improves power supply quality. The premise is equipped with security, fire and gas multiguard system. The equipment monitoring and the customer support are provided by our employees who are on duty 24/7/365.

OTM Hosting – professional services

You do not have to worry about hosting for your OTM system. The only way to be successful in business is to be reliable. Trust the team for whom OTM is their work and life.

    • Technical support services;
    • 24/7 emergency service;
    • Server software update, configuration, optimization;
    • Security monitoring; DoS attacks, hacks, spam protection;
    • Automated processes daily check;
    • Servers and services monitoring;
    • 24/7 automatic duty personnel alert:
    • Disk space control;
    • Free-storage space control;
    • Server load control;
    • Software tool availability;
    • Internet channel quality control;
    • Duty personnel daily checks;
    • Files backup;
    • Internet channel usage;
    • Security suspicious log files;
    • Service errors log files;
    • General Service statistics;
    • Log files archives;
    • System time synchronization;
    • Software updates and recovery;

System Administrator weekly checks:

  • Internet usage statistics analysis;
  • Disk usage statistics analysis;
  • Sever load statistics analysis;
  • Hardware malfunction messages analysis;