OTM Improvement

Oracle Transportation Management is the best transportation management solution on the TMS market. But, as any software product, sometimes you need to optimize it for the highly specialized processes of your company. Our company is ready to offer you the following services:

  • A two-way integration interface design with your accounting system (SAP, Oracle EBS, and others) or any other software product.
  • Reports printed forms design.
  • Automated agents generation.
  • Workflow processes setup.

System development and extension is under control of a team of experts having practical experience of the projects implementation.

Our consultants, together with your experts will gather and document the business requirements and technical aspects of the project to be designed, and the programmers will implement them into reality.

We divide the application development cycle into three phases:

  1. Design;
  2. Development;
  3. Testing and installation.

Each phase consists of the tasks performed by our specialists, and the results are subject to the mandatory approval by the client.


  • Specification requirements description;
  • Functional design development.


  • Technical design development;
  • Extension development;
  • Installation software development.

Testing and Installation:

  • Extension testing scenario development;Stress testing scenario development;
  • Enhancement testing;
  • Extension testing;
  • Stress testing;
  • Extension installation.

If you have faced the difficulties while developing the extension, or you have doubts about the success – we are ready help you!