AsstrA: Oracle BI

Launching the operation of the data management and analytical reporting system, on the platform of the Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) software product, in the AsstrA Associated Traffic AG Holding Company.

Project Implementation Purposes:

Data management centralization and analytical reporting in the AsstrA Associated Traffic AG Holding Company.

Project Implementation:

The continuous development of the company resulted in the growing need for the online analytical information. However, due to the lack of the resources it was impossible to ensure a high quality process. The senior management of the client’s company offered two ways to solve the problem: either to enlarge the analytical team, or to install a competitive software product. Later, the second and more rational way was chosen by the senior management of the AsstrA Associated Traffic AG Holding Company – the installation of the Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) software product.

In September of 2010,  EBS Partners AG  launched the BI module in the AsstrA Associated Traffic AG Holding Company. The task includes the development of the repository, which is filled with the data from the various sources (Lotus Notes, 1C, OeBS, MS Axapta and a number of other office software applications).

The advantages of the BI module are obvious. The product enables you to collect information from the diverse sources, consolidate and provide it to the users into easily understandable format. The Oracle BI system includes a set of the modern information technologies, expressed in the analytical applications that enable you to convert your operational data into structured information for the analysis and decision making. A BI report is not just a sample from the database – it is an analytical solution, offering the guidance for the managers of any level.

An employee comes to work in the morning and receives a handy summary of the current state of the affairs in his area of responsibility – sort of a ‘morning paper’. The BI user can make use of the four instruments:

  1. The Dashboards interactively and dynamically present the personalized information to the users.
  2. The Answers are interactive visualized reports to create on-demand reports in any form.
  3. The BI Publisher enables you to print the routine reports in any format using the templates.
  4. The Delivers is a proactive analytics tool used for the data sources monitoring and for the distribution of the business intelligence reports on schedule or post factum via a wide range of the devices – email, mobile phones, etc.

Project Implementation Results:

The implementation of the BI project at the AsstrA Associated Traffic AG Holding Company facilitated the centralization of the overall data management, and reduced the time and resources spent on the information collecting and processing. This enabled the analysts to get rid of the routine technical work, which used to take up to 80% of their time, and to concentrate on the creative tasks, which are really worth of their attention and analysis. Besides, the senior managers of the company can independently generate the standard reports for decision making.

It is not easy to evaluate the indirect benefits from the efficient analytical information. However, taking into account the fact that competent analytics saves senior executives’ precious time at any company, it can be argued that the cost of implementing the BI project was paid off within a few months of the “business intelligence“usage.

Project Status:

Pilot-Scale Operation.