AsstrA: Oracle Financials

Have launched the commercial operation of the Oracle Transportation Management system and the financial modules of the Oracle E-Business Suite for the transport and logistics holding company AsstrA Associated Traffic AG.

Project Implementation Purpose:

Financial management process automation of the AsstrA Associated Traffic AG Holding Company.

Project Implementation:

Oracle E-Business Suite implementation main objectives are:

  • Company activities transparency guarantee;
  • Business-processes optimization for rational usage of the human, financial, material, and time resources;
  • Effective management and control over the company and its branch offices’ activities.

The proposed solution provides an optimal integration of the financial (Oracle Financials – OEBS) and logistic (Oracle Transportation Management – OTM) applications. For this purpose we developed the special registration scheme for the primary financial documents registered by the employees of the financial departments who have only to enter the basic data to the system. The shipment information (such as the number of the transaction, shipment, the name of the office, department, etc.) is registered by the operational staff. This scheme accepts data entry duplication, reduces the time needed to register the financial data and the risk of making errors.

In order to speed up the data entry, to reduce the time needed to close the period and to ease financial and management reporting, we developed one more operation scheme for the applications. It provides  records generation based on the financial documents registered in the system, in the local, financial and management accounting.

The system implements the automatic revenues and expenses recognition scheme on the basis of the information entered by the freight forwarder. For example, the freight forwarder registers a shipment in the OTM system. The carrier invoices the service, and the invoice is transmitted from the OTM system to the OEBS system as prepayment and creates the accounting record which fixes the open balance on the revenues account. Once the shipment has been ended the system automatically creates the records on the revenue or expense accounts.

In order to generate reports, the Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) product is used. The BI analytical system allows the consultants to compile the reports based on the operational data of the OTM and OEBS systems, which reduces the reports compilation time by several times and in most cases does not require the  programmer assistance.

Implementation Results:

Oracle Financials module implementation as a worthy solution for the complex management automation of the international transport and logistics holding company will not only enable the company to make business more transparent, but will also make the employees’ work more simple and efficient.

Project Status:

Commercial operation.