AsstrA: Oracle HRMS

Oracle Human Resource Management System (HRMS) helps to increase efficiency of the Personnel management through the automation of the business processes.

Project Implementation Purpose:

Improving the efficiency of the personnel management by related processes automation.

Project Implementation:

Initially, the Lotus Notes software product was used as the basis for the personnel management system with the personal profile for each employee. During the process of integration into the Oracle HRMS we faced the task to enable the employees to edit the data in their personal profiles; besides the profiles were to contain the following information:

  • The information about the employees, accumulated from their recruitment until the termination of his employment;
  • The information required under the rules of the labor law;
  • The contact information;
  • The date of birth;
  • The preferable language of correspondence;
  • The information about their education, skills, and hobbies;
  • The information about their certification;
  • The data about the employee’s temporary absences;
  • Other information that may be useful in improving the HR efficiency (recruitment and hiring, training and development, certification, rotation, motivation).

Besides, the differences in the norms of the labor legislation in the company’s operating countries required the additional development of a number of documentation templates, maximally taking into account the national specifities of the HR documenting in the company’s operating markets.

Project Implementation Results:

All of the customer’s requirements were taken into account in the solution, offered and implemented by EBS Partners AG. As a result, the customer was enabled to quickly analyze the personnel reserve promotion, to receive and edit the detailed information about each employee. The implementation of the Oracle HRMS project significantly simplified record keeping.

Project Status:

Pilot-Scale Operation.