Asstra: OTM

Oracle Transportation Management module Integrated automation of the transport logistics in the AsstrA Associated Traffic AG Holding Company by the specialists of  EBS Partners AG.

Project Implementation Purpose:

Transportation processes optimization; technological development of the holding company AsstrA Associated Traffic AG through a more rapid and qualitative data analysis and evaluation of the promising trends and markets.

Project Implementation:

At the initial stage, in 2009, the specialists of EBS Partners AG, in cooperation with the customer’s representatives carried out the adaptation of the OTM system to the holding’s business processes. In the 3rd quarter of 2010, the application was launched stepwise: working in Lotus Notes, the customer’s office staff began simultaneously to work with OTM in Minsk and Brest offices. After the end of the pilot operation phase, which began in the second half of 2010, the Oracle Transportation Management module will be further rolled out in the offices in other countries. The new module supports:

  • Itinerary and service providers’ rates database management;
  • Consumer rates database management;
  • Location database management (towns, ports, airports, customs, cargo senders/ consignee);
  • Itinerary database management;
  • External&internal quote requests registration, consideration and processing.
  • Multiple criteria search&select service providers automated process;
  • Shipment management control.
  • Tracking & Tracing;
  • Storage, processing, and a full live data analysis.

The results of the OTM system implementation:

Due to OTM Quote registration function it’s became easy to follow the customers’ needs. The function of adding several Orders to one Job simplify the intermodal shipment management. Now, in one object you can see exact on-line transaction details including the revenues and expenses. Clear and easy customized report system allows to analyze own strength, net profit from a client and follow the market trends. New application operation makes the Users more mobile. Uploaded to OTM data is available via Internet at any time and place. All data is protected by reliable security system. Every User has its own OTM Login ID, Role and Level according to which a unique access’s configured, as well as functionality. Online system avoids replications and therefore speeds up the workflow and reduces technical errors. Besides, one of the system advantages is the possibility of integration to partners’ system and data exchange via Internet.

Project Status:

Commercial operation.