AsstrA: Oracle WMS

Implementation of the Oracle Warehouse Management System (WMS) in the “A” class logistics center of the AsstrA Associated Traffic AG Holding Company. Floor space of the Centre: 10 000 sq.m.
Location: the city of Kiev, the Ukraine.

Implementation Purpose:

Improving the efficiency of the warehouse operations.

Project Implementation:

Oracle WMS implementation began in May of 2007 and lasted three months, resulting in the successful launch of the warehouse commercial operation in August of 2007. Our experts had to configure and adapt the system for the current production needs of the facility.

The functionality of the Oracle WMS, which is part of the Oracle E-Business Suite, offers a complete integrated solution for the customer. This application enables you to control the entire process of handling the goods along with the correspondent documents flow, and to plan the utilization of the resources. The system supports printing and bar codes reading; allows taking into account the weight and dimensions of the goods, developing the rules and strategies for the placement and selection of the goods in stock, planning the best ways to get around the cells during the placement and selection of the goods; supports the work with the radio terminals; reserves the certain storage places for the certain goods.

The results of the WMS implementation at the logistics center:

The new system raises the functioning of the entire warehouse to the new level. The automation of the key processes, the optimization of the task setting process, the reduction of the routes for the worker and equipment increase the overall productivity. The resources are used more efficiently through the most optimal placement of the goods and the most efficient usage of the space and equipment. The quality of the goods processing is also improved: the storage costs are reduced and the goods are less damaged.
The Oracle WMS provides the new opportunities for development, supporting the various scenarios of the warehouse operation (both the direct placement/ removal/ processing of the goods, and reshipping (cross-docking).

Project Status:

Commercial operation.