Welcome to the seminar “Oracle Business Applications for company resources management”

February 28, 2012, beginning at 13:30

The Oracle Corporation in cooperation with EBS Partners AG and other partners invite you to participate in the seminar “Oracle Business Applications for company resources management”.

We invited directors for production and logistics, financial, commercial and IT directors of enterprises and organizations in the following industries:

  • Mechanical engineering and Instrumentation engineering;
  • Petrochemical industry;
  • Food processing industry;
  • Cargo transportation and Logistics (and companies of any industries having their own transport logistics).

The speeches at the seminar will be made by the leading CIS experts in the Oracle business applications and the representatives of the customers.

As for the Oracle solutions in the field of transport logistics, the representatives of AsstrA will share their successful experience of deploying them. They will deliver a report: “Practical experience of Oracle solutions deployment in logistics holding AsstrA: financial, transportation and personnel management”.

The participation in the seminar is free.

For registration and for more information please contact Mariya Hozyanina (+375 17 204 86 57, mariya.porada@compit.by)

Please send an e-mail with the contact information formatted as follows:

  • Company;
  • Participant;
  • Position;
  • Contact telephone number;
  • E-mail.

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